Ashton Powell

Climate Change


Many of us have come to realize that climate change is a looming threat to the role of humans on our planet.  While some of us believe that sound local policy related to building construction, transportation infrastructure, sustainability practices, and food production will make an impact globally, I think these endeavors fall short if we don’t address education.

It is good and right for us to engage in practices that reduce our community’s environmental impact.  But the scale of these actions will not change much in the long run if we don’t increase the reach of our views.  We are not large enough to directly impact a global problem.

We must make sure our kids are able to be accurate participants in scientific dialogues regardless of their career path.  Some of our students will become scientists and engineers who will provide solutions to combat climate change.  Others will become lawyers, business owners, and politicians who will translate these solutions into society.  But all of our kids will be consumers and community members.  We need to prepare them.

Our largest impact will come through our children fighting climate change outside of our community.  Our greatest export will be the well-educated students who are able to bring accurate science to communities across the globe, whatever role they play.

Our commitment to this challenge should show in our curriculum as well as our budget.  I will fight to improve both.