Ashton Powell

Leadership Experience


I have been a leader at NCSSM as Faculty Senate President and within the UNC System as a member of the UNC Faculty Assembly, where I have helped strengthen processes of shared governance.

In 2014 I was elected Faculty Senate President of NCSSM.  One of my first priorities was to engage the leadership of my school in order to build a respectful working relationship between Administration, Staff, and the Faculty. 

With this as a backdrop, in 2015, I helped build support of NCSSM leadership to request the NC General Assembly to pass legislation enabling our Board of Trustees to select community members to sit on the board as non-voting members.  

In 2015, I was appointed to our Board, and for two years was able to play a significant and positive role in the governance of our school.  It is now the norm for our school to seat the Faculty and Staff Senate President on our Board.  This model of shared governance has been invaluable for the growth of NCSSM in identifying inequities amongst students as well as addressing significant issues between faculty, staff, and administrators.

In the UNC Faculty Assembly, I represented NCSSM amongst delegates from all 17 campuses in the UNC system with the charge of advising the President of the UNC System and the Board of Governors on issues related to the faculty.  Since 2014, I have played a significant role in changing the culture of the Faculty Assembly from ineffective antagonism towards UNC system leadership and the BOG, to forming functional relationships in order to ensure that the voices of faculty are taken into account.  Despite being a high school teacher, I was elected by members of the Assembly to be on the Executive Committee and have helped push forward an agenda of relationship building with people who often hold different beliefs than my own.  I was able to earn the respect of my peers by listening, asking questions, and speaking my truth in a respectful way.  This is the type of leadership I will bring with me to this Board.