Ashton Powell

Personal Experience


I have lived in Chapel Hill or Carrboro since 2002 when I began graduate school at UNC-CH.  I am the father of two children who attend Carrboro Elementary, one enrolled in the Spanish Dual Language program and the other in the traditional path.  As parents, we all know the ever-changing challenges associated with fostering the education of our kids while dealing with everyday life.  Some of these challenges are unique to each of us while others are shared within communities. 

While my understanding of how to navigate the education of my children has increased tremendously over the years, my greatest growth has come from my exposure to the systemic inequities and biases faced by a significant number of children and families in our district. 

We must ensure that curricular expectations for success can be met by all students independently of historical legacies of racism, bias, or poverty.  

On a side note, I designed the Calendar for Carrboro Elementary two years ago to raise money for the PTA.  My favorite months were the Stranger Things and Magic School Bus months.