Ashton Powell

Shared Governance


Shared governance stems from the idea that leadership of an institution will provide avenues of communication to various stake holders within their institution during the process of constructing policies, not just announcing changes when they are to be enacted.  This requires the inclusion of representatives from various groups in the deliberative process.  There are aspects of authority delegated to stake holder groups as appropriate.

In addition to teaching, I served as the Faculty Senate President at NCSSM for 4 years.  I was appointed be the first faculty member to sit on the Board of Trustees of NCSSM, making me one of the only faculty members to sit on a UNC System Board of Trustees.  This has helped me understand the challenges facing my school from a much different perspective. 

NCSSM is a high school that is part of the 17 campus UNC System. I have been fortunate to serve on the UNC Faculty Assembly, a body which provides the faculty voice and opinion to the leadership of the UNC System.  Having served on the Executive Committee for the Assembly, I have successfully pushed the culture of the Assembly from responsive antagonism to forming functional relationships with the leadership of the UNC System, from the President, to the Board of Governors.  This enables us to constructively participate on policy before it reaches a vote at the Board.

I firmly believe that strong practices of shared governance are essential for addressing issues such as the achievement gap.  I would like for CHCCS to become a model of shared governance for other school districts across the state.